Corporate events

Arranging business events

Business events are an important part of marketing operations. With the help of Eventilla, you ensure that the event communication looks like your brand and the useful leads are transferred to the right system.

Corporate events with Eventilla

Eventilla is an easy and fast event management system online. Create corporate event pages, invitations, registration and communication to fit your brand style.

Eventilla creates your event a unique event page, where the participant can find the most important information and register or pay the event fee. Gather the audience around by marketing the event page and sending brand-like invitations.

Registration confirmation message includes a QR code that is scanned by the entrance using an easy Eventilla app. The code is personal, which lets you personalize the participants’ experience, for example by directing them to the right spot. Eventilla also creates brand-like name tags for your event.

By integrating Eventilla to your CRM system, you ensure that all important leads are collected for future use. You can also target marketing based on the participation data and transfer data to marketing automations.

Eventilla supports hundreds of users and allows different user roles and alternative UIs.

MS Dynamics, SAP, Marketo, Hubspot, Netvisor… Eventilla supports your company’s data management and makes sure that data finds its right place and time.

Eventilla has great usability that works for everyone – from listed stock companies to sole traders. By picking the right tool based on what it’s use target is, you get the best results.

Tips for corporate events

“Networking is the key. Make sure that it is easy for your event participants. Create name tags and encourage them to connect on LinkedIn. Events are the best opportunities to meet new and interesting people! Remember to utilize the important contacts as leads for your sales team.”

Minna from Eventilla


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