Ticket selling software online

Ticket sales for a webinar or live event

Eventilla Event Management helps you organize ticket sales for your events. Selling tickets and managing registrations is easy through your own customized event page. Payment for event tickets is facilitated through diverse payment options, and you can track event ticket sales in real-time using the integrated budgeting tool. A ticket sales software tailored to your brand ensures a cohesive and seamless customer experience for participants attending your event.

Event ticket sales with Eventilla

Eventilla is a user-friendly online event management service. As ticket sales software, it enables a branded website for your event, invitations, ticket sales with QR-coded tickets, and event communication – whether your event takes place online or in-person.

The entire event ticket sales process effortlessly online

With Eventilla event management, you can quickly and effortlessly create your own event page, serving as the ticket sales platform for your event. With versatile features, you can build the event ticket sales process in advance, allowing you to focus on other matters before the event! From a ticket sales specialized software, you’ll find features such as scheduling ticket sales, creating tickets with different prices, discount codes, ticket purchase limits, and a waiting list function in case the event reaches its participant limit before the end of ticket sales.
  • Sell tickets through the event page
  • Receive event payments and send QR-coded tickets
  • Schedule event ticket sales and set purchase limits
  • Enable a waiting list so that canceled tickets become available for the next person in line automatically
  • Send out event invitations, and ticket sales for your event can begin!

Event ticket sales, communication, and payments all in one system

Selling tickets online is possible with your branded event page, where participants can choose from various tickets and merchandise. The ticket sales software enables VIP packages, early bird discounts, or meal options. Eventilla allows online payments, invoicing, or other payment options for your ticket sales. On your own event page, you have control over the products, and competing events are not displayed alongside your own event

With Eventilla you can send and target messages that look like your own brand and are sent from your organization’s own domain. Invitations, as well as confirmation and reminder messages can be scheduled beforehand, so you’ll be able to focus on the most important, your event. Eventilla also supports multiple language versions.

The payment methods of Eventilla’s ticket sales software are comprehensive: the ready-made online payment module enables credit card, online, and mobile payments effortlessly. Ticket payments can also be received through your own payment gateway or invoiced to the customer.

Why choose Eventilla as your event ticket sales software?

Stylish event page

Easily without coding skills, always according to your own branding

Unlimited ticket types

Manage event ticket sales conveniently and create as many different ticket types as you need

Payment module

Most common payment methods quickly available for your event tickets

Versatile ticket sales settings

Scheduling, discount codes, group ticket sales and waiting lists

Budgeting tool

For tracking ticket sales – record participant-specific and fixed costs, and monitor the development of ticket sales

Event tickets with QR-codes

EventillaApp application for scanning tickets available for all smartphones

Payment module for event ticket sales

Eventilla ticket sales softwares payment module enables seamless ticket sales for your event. Collect online, mobile, and credit card payments from your event participants at the time of ticket purchase. Refunding money in case of cancellations is also possible with just a few clicks!

Choose your preferred payment method.

Eventilla offers versatile payment options. An easy and quick option is our ready-made payment module, enabling credit card, online, and mobile payments for participants. Your own payment gateway can also be directly integrated into Eventilla, or you can choose invoicing as a payment method – in this case, billing details are either fetched from the billing system or collected through form-validated fields. Feel free to inquire for more information to find the solution that suits your needs!


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WeChat Pay

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Online payments platform.

Budgeting tool for event ticket sales

The budgeting tool allows real-time tracking of ticket sales progress. Record fixed and variable costs, both event-specific and participant-specific. Real-time monitoring enables timely response if ticket sales face any challenges. The budgeting tool is a free add-on for all our users organizing paid events.

Smooth event entrance

Participants receive a mobile QR code from Eventilla’s ticket sales, which they can also print if desired. At the event entrance, the QR code is scanned with the user-friendly EventillaApp, which keeps a record of the attendees. And so, the event experience can begin!


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